Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh No Amen Birdmen

Bonne Pioche, the Oscar-winning production team behind "March of the Penguins," are chronicling a French band's trek toward “success” across the US. in the rockumentary "Amen Birdmen: Across the Atlantic”. Darondeau says "If Amen Birdmen scores big, their legend will be forever immortalized on tape. If they fail, the cameras will be there to capture their Icarus-like fall."

If anyone is curious about what the band sounds like I've posted a link to their myspace site. You’re going to love them if you’ve waited for an artist to fuse Dave Matthews with the band Bush and topping all that off with a more tripped out Survivor (The “Eye of the Tiger” band) .

This is from their website about the origins of their band name – I’m totally not pulling your leg:

“We started thinking of names that would evoke our common feelings: some kind of loneliness, sadness, the feeling of being lost and at the same time, power, flying animals and every supernatural things…We finally understood that it could be the name of a lost civilization of flying men called the Birdmen, something mythological! A full name appeared to us: Amen Birdmen. The meaning of the band’s name would be: We believe in Birdmen. Amen. “


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