Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Paradiddle that snare Vinnie Chase

If you haven't had the chance to watch the HBO series Entourage, definitely put that on your queue. In the last two months, staff here at I'm So Sorry For This blog have had two Adrien Grenier sightings. First at The Belle and Sebastian concert in Los Angeles, followed a month later with a spotting in front of The SoHo Grand Hotel in NYC.

We just discovered that he plays drums in a band called The Honey Brothers who the Village Voice described as being "Glam ukulele rock that manages to reference the country-tinged sensitivity of the Silver Jews, the Beach Boys’ summery harmonies and the playful weirdness of Ween".

They are definitely better than Dogstar but better than The Bacon Brothers? Not so fast.

Website and Audio here


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