Monday, May 22, 2006

six minus two equals three

Willoughby, the affectionate orange tabby from Edmonton who gained international attention for his six legs, underwent a double amputation Wednesday and was back home yesterday recovering. The year-old feline was having considerable difficulty getting around with four front legs.

The two front limbs that were amputated were on the left side of his body, faced opposite directions and were underdeveloped, explained Wilde, who has never before seen a six-legged cat.

"One (leg) was facing forward and one was facing backward," said Dr. Tammy Wilde, a vet at the Tudor Glen Veterinary Clinic in St. Albert who performed the hour-long operation, adding the limbs only served to trip up the cat. "This is going to give him better balance."On the other side, Willoughby has two front limbs that are fused together from the shoulder down to the paws, effectively serving as one leg.

"He's a three-legged cat now with four legs"

- Edmonton Sun April 28, 2006


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