Thursday, June 22, 2006

Belle, pack up your toys... America has spoken

The first cat-testant in the Meow Mix House challenge has been voted out of the house, America said No to Belle and we're not surprised...this was what Belle wrote on her blog this past Thursday "Living in the house with nine other cats is really getting on my nerves!" I have no privacy, no free time."

We sent our Senior New York Meow House Correspondent to file a report live from Madison Ave.

"I talked to this guy who worked there for a long time and he said Jo was winning on the internet. He was like "On the net Jo's ahead but here she doesnt do anything so we're all like "why?"'"

Overheard while watching the cats:

girl 1: what is that? meow mix cat house? huh?
girl 2: ughhhhhh! I hate cats.

Episode One of Meow Mix House


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