Monday, June 05, 2006

Heathcliff and Tang

Read a story in today's SF Chronicle about the SF SPCA's SIDO program, they find new homes for orphaned pets.

Like Heathcliff:

"Small familiarities like that can make a big difference to a confused and distraught pet, said Louisa DeRosa, Sido's animal grief counselor. "Heathcliff here was so depressed when we got him," she said of a Sido cat currently up for adoption. "He'd put his face up against the wall and just stare at it." The Maine coon cat refused to eat, became anorexic and had to be hospitalized; his lifelong friend Tang, a Siamese mix, paced and cried, worrying about Heathcliff on top of dealing with the same loss, said DeRosa. Once she used the Sido tip sheets to ease their pain, the two cats, who can only be adopted together, needed only a few weeks to adjust to their new lives. It would have taken much longer without that information, DeRosa said."

Heathcliff and Tang


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