Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Slumberland Is Better Than You

There are not many labels that can boast about having consistently released fantastic music for over seventeen years...but Slumberland Records is one that can.

If Henrys Dress's Bust em Green or Rocketship's A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness had been released now those records would be hits, they rival anything released today. The fact that Slumberland released those records 10 years ago is a testament to the taste they've always had regardless of any trends.

They've just released two new singles and redesigned their website with loads of new goodies but most importantly added a Slumberland radio player which we've been loving all day.

Selected Favorite Tracks over the years:

HoneyBunch - Mine Your Own Business (June 1992)
Velocity Girl - I Don't Care If You Go (Feb 1993) - This version has Bridget Cross of Unrest on vocals
Hood - Love is Dead (Sept 1996)
Amy and Stewart - The Lights Are Out (May 2000)
The How - I Was A Boy (Sept 2006)


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