Thursday, October 19, 2006


The new White Magic "Dat Rosa Mel Apibus" is out soon, you can listen to some songs at Raven Sings The Blues Blog. I like White Magic alright, Mira Billotte has an incredible voice but I prefer Qui*x*otic, the band she plays in with her sister Christina.

Qui*x*otic - Anonymous Face (From their album Mortal Mirror)
Qui*x*otic - We Are Alone (From their album Night For Day)

Along the same musical lines, Christina has another band called The Casual Dots which includes Bikini Kill's Kathi Wilcox and Deep Lust's Steve Dore.

The Casual Dots - Clocks
The Casual Dots - Flowers

Both bands are the shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

..finally one of my favorite bands surfaces on hype machine. I'm probablly going to hate you in a week for doing this. but for now, thank you.

3:47 PM  

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