Friday, June 15, 2007

Morris’ Million Cat Rescue Campaign

From the Chicago Suburban News

Three out of four cats do not make it out of shelters alive. But Morris the Cat is seeking to change that trend, starting in Hinsdale, Chicago.

Morris, the 9Lives cat food icon, was warmly welcomed when he returned to Hinsdale June 13 for the first time since the original Morris was discovered in 1968. As the story goes, Morris’ star qualities were noticed by an animal trainer visiting the Hinsdale Humane Society, and he went on to star in commercials and movies.

To kick off Morris the Cat Day, Morris was welcomed back to Hinsdale and presented with a key to the village during his homecoming in front of the Hinsdale Memorial Building. 9Lives Cat Food, along with Chicago Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas and Benny the Bull presented the Hinsdale Humane Society with a $55,000 donation.

Morris’ trip to Hinsdale kicked off his Million Cat Rescue Campaign, where he will tour the country to raise cat adoption awareness.
From Hinsdale, Morris the Cat will embark on a journey across the U.S. in his state-of-the-art Morris’ Million Cat Rescue mobile adoption bus, with the support of two high-tech Morris’ Million Cat Rescue satellite vans enabling the campaign to cover more ground in its effort to rescue cats. In each market, Morris’ Million Cat Rescue vehicles will visit local shelters, retailers and special events to educate consumers on proper care for their newly adopted cats by distributing Morris’ Million Cat Rescue Welcome Home Kits.


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