Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Iriomote Who

I've actually visited Iriomote Island and despite my excellent cat karma , no wildcats showed themselves.

The New York Times - As a Japanese Island Grows Less Remote, a Wildcat Grows More Endangered

"The Iriomote wildcat is said to have roamed this small, subtropical island in the East China Sea for 200,000 years, but proved so elusive that it was not discovered until 1967. To this day, many islanders have never seen the wildcat, and some even stubbornly deny its existence." "...Today’s old-timers, like Kimiaki Fujiwara, 78, came here as children and tend to be skeptical of all the attention the wildcat is getting. Mr. Fujiwara said he had never seen a wildcat in his 68 years here and actually doubted its existence. “I think they’re just house cats that ran away and are living in the mountains,” he said.""


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