Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On Sale!!

The Chemung County SPCA in New York is celebrating April as Weird and Wonderful Month.

"Throughout the month of April, adopt any weird and wonderful shelter cat at a 25% discount (provided that the adoption application is approved). What is "weird and wonderful"? Any cats with extra toes, cross-eyes, or any other unique traits will be available at a discount. Come add a weird and wonderful feline to your family! "

Some of our "weird and wonderful" felines:

* Ken (2 different colored eyes)
* Jiminy (masked face--he's our resident "Batman"!)
* Gardner (unusual looking nose)
* Lucky B (likes to play in water)
* Dennis (polydactyl)

They also have a "Lonely Hearts Club" that features those cats who have remained at the SPCA for the longest amount of time

"Ginger, Club President, has been at the SPCA since July '07. "


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