Friday, January 27, 2006

A Tomb With a View: Drumming for death metal's Nile is a back-breaking job.

You'd think this would be from The Onion but it's from the city Cleveland, possibly The Onion of the mid-west...

excerpts from the The Cleveland Scene (January 25, 2006)

The trouble with being a pharaoh in ancient Egypt was that it was impossible to forget the untimely end of your predecessor. Just ask the dude who succeeded King Tut. George Kollias, the drummer for Nile, finds himself in a similar spot, yet he has willingly assumed death metal's most dangerous throne. After Pete Hammoura enjoyed several years as a godlike figure, worshiped with slack-jawed awe on drum-related message boards, Hammoura's shoulder finally collapsed. "He gave his shoulder to metal," singer Karl Sanders solemnly told Pit magazine.

...he (Kollias) finds the possibility of life after death metal too depressing to ponder. "If something will happen, I will [commit] suicide, because drumming's my life," he says.

Without gaudy distractions, spectators tend to focus on Kollias' mammoth drum set. It's impressive, but not ostentatious -- he actually uses the gong. "My drum kit for Sickening Horror is much, much bigger," he says. "I used to play with 20 cymbals, and now I have 15, because we don't need more."


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