Wednesday, February 08, 2006

grammys live blogging

lets do this blogsphere !!!!!

8:02 - dude, it's the itunes commercial song. it looks like run dmc are rapping. madonna took a wrong turn and missed the ballet class...what she wearing??? there'is a guitar hanging from an animated jock strap right now. where's damon alburn?


8:09 - Stevie Wonder, is he still blind? he just said alicia keys looks good. obligatory new orleans shout out! obligatory Coretta Scott King Shout out! Isn't "higher ground" a red hot chilli peppers song?

8:12 - first award, Gwen looks kinda fat... America Idol sweetheart Kelly Clarkson takes home the first prize. Let's give it up for reality tv! She just thanked her closet? She didn't thank Randy, Paula or Simon, what's up?


8:15 - Chris Martin's hair... looks like he got a perm before the awards... what's up with the tai chi on stage chris? what's up with running out into the audience and skipping back, he must be in good shape to do all that running, i'd be tired.

8:23 - The color went out on my tv. I've never heard this song before " ordinary people" by John Legend, what? isnt' that an Arrested Development song from the early 80's? The color fixed itself on my tv, John Legend's still black. Wow, this song's atrocious. Why's he dressed like Han Solo?

8:29 - Some white people are on stage singing country with bad sound tech problems, i think i just heard the police band radio over her singing... wow, electric mandolin, osama is laughing at america right now. Best Country Album....Boringgg, I need a cigarette break

8:42 - i got back in time to see Dharma from Greg and Dharma give U2 a standing ovation.

8:45 - who invited matt dillon to the grammys?

8:47 - who invited tom hanks to the grammys?

8:49 - best rap album? kanye west, he's wearing driving glasses and gloves... he thanked God , then Jon Brion, two white men first...kanye!! obligatory JayZ shout out! he better button up that shirt or he's going to catch a cold..

8:55 - who invited ben rothelisberger to the grammys?

8:56 -they showed footage from kelly clarkson talking from 2001...did someone have gastric bypass, cause she don't look so fat anymore. i thought i just saw a nose ring but it was only sweat, sorry. this song is depressing. i wonder if the bass player from death cab did anything different to his hair for tonight? maybe three curls instead of one? if they show arcade fire in their seats, that one guy better be wearing a motorcycle helmet...

9:00 - Gwen and Billy Joe presenting, Damn, she really did get a little fat. Best Rock Album.. The rolling stones have a new album? Neil Young had a new album? U2 won....Bono's talking about the circus right now... shouldn't you be in Zaire right now saving a child?

9:08 - my dvr better be recording Lost.

9:09 - That guy from Wings is up for best song. i wonder what ringo's doing right now?
too many shots of the sweaty bald large drummer singing back up.The Wings guy is playing Helter Skelter. George Harrison just rolled his eyes in his grave..Somewhere behind a veil Michael Jackson is smiling at the one dollar or so he's making off paul playing this song right now.


9:17 - Black Eye Peas in the hizzouse, Jennifer Love Hewitt looks disgusting. Fergie looks like a Kirstie Alley when she was a Vulcan in Star Trek.

9:19 - who invited Jennifer Love Hewitt to the Grammys?

9:28 - Mariah Carey , girl can sing. oh no, not a backup choir.

9:32 - Fiona Apple loses first award of the night to Kelly Clarkson.

9:51 - Ok , I'm done, watching that Keith Urban performance took too much out of me.


Blogger Red Star Nezzie said...

ummm... you drunk yet? they don't show the grammy's in argentina, but heh...listening to sufjan stevens right now and thinking to me self that kelly clarkson is def. america's tv reality sweetheart. i gotta say when leo did that version of 'since you been gone' i have been a big fan. vive le kelly....right-e-o. off to bed i go.

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Blogger Red Star Nezzie said...

PS i have english.

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