Thursday, February 16, 2006

Somebody's Heiney is crowning my icebox.

In the New York Times today

"There are so many difficulties to being a musician, and being a rock star...Here I can escape the pain of my profession."

Shortly after the (Weezer) tour ended on Dec. 22 with a sold-out show in Tokyo, the band's singer and songwriter, Rivers Cuomo, settled into a tiny, monastic dormitory room at Harvard, from which he will graduate this spring with a bachelor's degree in
English.He lives alone, in a modest 14-by-9-foot room with the standard-issue desk, bureau and bed, to which he has added only a map of the world, taped to the wall, and a small Oriental rug bought for less than $200 by Sarah Kim, his personal assistant. "Most people wouldn't expect a rock star to be happy living in a dorm room," said Ms. Kim, "but he is."


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