Monday, March 27, 2006

did i forget that i said to you that i'd be there

Pinback on tour during April and May

I swear that every time Pinback comes to my city, I'm always away, it's been happening the last three years, it's my curse.

I read in a recent interview in Billboard that Pinback will have a new album out in the Spring of 2007 and after four thousand years there will be be a new Three Mile Pilot album and tour next year.

Pinback have released tour only ep's which are great addendums to their proper releases, you can check them out at the band's site

Tripoli (Live in Donnys Garage) (Taken from 2000 tour ep)
Offline PK (Taken from the 2002 tour ep)
Sleep Bath (Taken from the 2003 tour ep)
Tripoli (Tin Foil Remix) (Taken from the Tripoli single)

The song Tripoli is an all time favorite and was what really sold me on Pinback.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've known of PINBACK for quite somtime now, but only got to listen to that song "tripoli" last night. i must say, its a really great song! the vocal layering & harmonizing plus the beats are excellent.

7:27 PM  

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