Friday, March 17, 2006

Exclusive Interview with The Smiths bassist

The Smiths were offered 5 million dollas by Coachella to reform for this years festival . Morrissey was asked if he considered it. "No, because money doesn't come into it," a response that drew applause from the SXSW crowd.

My telephone interview with Smiths bassist Andy Rourke

ISSFT - Andy, I heard you turned down 5 million dollars to reunite
AR - Yeh, I couldn't take any more vacation days from my job
ISSFT - Where are you working these days.
AR - I work at W H Smith, my stores in the London Westminister Underground Station. OK, gotta run and alphabetize the magazines.
ISSFT - Thanks Andy, I love you, I miss you
AR - I love and miss you too.


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