Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rupture Mice

I had a link to a stream of the new Rapture/Danger Mouse demo W.A.Y.U.H' on The Hype Machine, but it seems like the record company made everyone erase all existence of it. It's pretty incredible how fast songs are leaked on the internet these days, one day soon you'll be able to get em' before they're even written like when nerds find a way to hack into Surfajen Stevins head.

Q: Why does Serfujin Stephens love The Rapture.
A: Cause you're going to Hell.

From Chunklet's Overrated article in issue Nineteen.
The Rapture Echos
"If I want to get yelled at in a gay discotheque, I'll go to a gay discotheque wearing chaps that aren't assless"


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