Tuesday, May 02, 2006

pulasu minusu

I've been listening to the new plus/minus let's build a fire on repeat, sadly for you the records only been released in Japan. Yes this means Japan is still #1, the Japanese love Cats!

I believe it'll be released in the Americas later this summer on Absolutely Kosher.

I've read on the blogosphere that plus/minus is "the next Arcade Fire", which would mean that the David's Byrne & Bowie should be hitting them up to kick out some cred jams. I won't deny that I think the new record is as good as that Arcade Fire record, it's at least more interesting to me right now.

plus/minus doesn't have a dude in a motorcycle helmet with drumsticks doing triplets on himself on stage cause +/- are doing paradiddles on your soul.

plus/minus drummer and smoke master extrodinaire (food not weed) Chris Deaner made this very excellent video for the song "Steal the Blueprints"

a clearer version of the same video here, along with some more audio/video.

plus/minus - One Day You'll Be There (one of my favorites from let's build a fire)
plus/minus - The Queen of Detroit (from self-titled long-playing debut album)
plus/minus - I've been lost (from holding patterns)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no clue how i found your page, but i've been checking it for the last couple weeks and i have to say this is the sweetest thing ever. Music and Cats, the two greatest topics in the world. Plus you find some sweet bands i haven't heard of like land of talk and plus/minus. Keep up the good work

5:50 PM  
Blogger rad said...

that's very sweet of you to write, the staff here thanks you.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous pokaholics said...

2 of the links for plus/minus seem to be broken though ... :(

5:32 AM  
Blogger rad said...

links fixed. stay cool

7:36 PM  

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