Friday, April 14, 2006

The Bert and The Jansch

I watched The Squid and The Whale the other day, the film about a divorce...from a good ending. The movie reminded me that I liked Bert Jansch who I had retired from my mind a few years ago. Jansch was the Scottish born 60's folk singer sometimes characterized as a British Bob Dylan. He also was a founding member of the renaissance faire house band Pentangle who recorded an 18 minute epic 'Jack Orion' on their record Cruel Sister. I'm listening to it as I type, sitting here in my armor and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Jansch is playing the Devendra curated day of All Tomorrows Parties next month, he will probably be sporting a beard.

Bert Jansch - Oh How Your Love is Strong
Bert Jansch - Running from Home
Bert Jansch - Strolling Down the Highway


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