Monday, November 13, 2006

First Place Prize - 68 pounds of IAMS (not kidding)

"Cali, a 4-year-old tail-less kitty, was named best of the best among 300 felines competing hte Cat Fanciers Association-Iams Cat Championship.

Cali won the whole ball of yarn by wowing the crowd with her beautiful calico-like spots and remaining perfectly still on the judge's table.

"She's very affectionate, very low key, a real people cat," said Cali's beaming owner, Joy Dey.

Cali lives in a full animal house, with five other cats and a dog. The feline's favorite game is playing fetch with sparkling balls, and her No. 1 human-food treat is chicken. "She's cool with all the animals and all the company," Dey said."



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