Wednesday, November 15, 2006


"Olivia the kitten, just 20 weeks old, never boarded her Northwest Airlines Flight to meet her new owners in Arizona. She was accidentally left behind on the tarmac. Workers found the cat a day later, dehydrated and scratched up from trying to escape. The kitten's breeder says she is shocked by the oversight. The breeder says she is hoping Northwest will give her a ticket to accompany Olivia when she is ready to travel again. The airline has apologized and refunded associated costs." Here's the full ARTICLE

I'm totally not surprised at this story about Northwest Airlines ineptitude.

A few months ago I flew on an international NWA flight and was treated rudely and abusively by a ticket agent (I was standing up for another passenger who was being verbally harrased) while awaiting departure in the plane.

When I went to complain about it this to a flight attendent I was told that if I had a problem I could leave the airplane and catch another flight when I had "calmed down". I wasn't even acting the bit hostile but I guess if you question any NWA employee behavior you're an instant asshole.

(Little know fact: N.W.A the group actually much nicer than NWA airline employees)

N.W.A - Fuck The Police


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've seen you angry and it's not too scary, especially when you pull out stuff like "why you gotta be such a dick".....

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