Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A meow at a comedy show? It's just cats laughing .

Michael Showalter is in the comedy group Stella

"Last July, while recording a show for the album at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Mr. Showalter heard a noise emanating from the floor beneath a young woman sitting in the front row. “She had a cage with two meowing cats in it,” said Mr. Showalter, who was quick to note: “I love cats. I had a cat for 14 years.” But the moment he heard the meowing, he abandoned his act to confront the woman (“Either leave or kill the cats,” he said. “That’s fair.”) until she eventually left her seat.

“I thought it was very funny,” he said. “She stayed after the show. We took some pictures. It just seemed fitting that we call the album ‘Sandwiches and Cats.’ ”"

Cats Love Comedy Too!!!!

The New York Times - Kill the Cats, but Keep the Career

Michael Showalter on his own cat, Lester!!!

"This is my cat, Lester. He is about 12 or 14 years old. I skipped the number in between because I'm superstitious. Lester's hobbies are eating cat food, meowing, scritching things, fighting with my roommate's cat, drinking water and sleeping. Lester's kidney's are failing him and he has trouble retaining water so he pees alot. Luckily, he's potty trained and uses the
toilet but he's not strong enough to lift up the seat, so sometimes there's cat pee on the toilet seat which I'm fine with, but my girl roommates Andrea and Sandra hate it. They always scream at him, "Lester! You forgot to lift the seat!" Lester is always very apologetic, but he's just not strong enough to lift the seat so it continues to be an issue. Luckily his penis is small so as long as he aims correctly it's very difficult for the pee to spray to the seat but Lester has a drinking problem and whenever he's drunk he wobbles when he pees so he always misses the toilet bowl and hits the seat"


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