Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Three Times Three

Came across this amazing article in yesterday's New York Times, this woman loves cats!

"Any evil intention against my cats and me, will come back to you, three times three."
Thus spoke the witch of Elmhurst last week, casting a protective spell over her coven of cats — 30 strong, but shrinking by the day — living in the rent-controlled studio apartment she shares with her mother on 80th Street in Queens.
The witch happens to be Melanie Neer, 50, a student of the principles of Wicca and Harry Potter.
The evil intention happens to be an eviction order from her landlord, who has long complained about the intense cat odor coming from the apartment.
Although it is against Wiccan principles to put a harmful spell upon others, Ms. Neer said as she took out a special candle used for "super-duper protection spells," one may cast a boomerang spell on a harmful person to so that the harm comes back to him.

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