Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You Can't Stop The Hinder

I was reading Rolling Stone magazine and came across an article about a band I'd never heard of before called Hinder. I was impressed by their complexity, vulnerability and lack of prentension. There's no Decemberish big words with these men, no Newsomish Harps or Tillyish Tap Dancing, just down and dirty rock like your father would like. You know how people voted for Bush because they said he seemed like someone you could have a beer with, imagine the bbq party if the guys from Hinder were on the ticket as vice-president.

Congratulations on having a top 10 Billboard album and see you at the Grammys!!

I pulled some favorite quotes from the article.

"Back in the day, rock stars were surrounded by girls, money and cars. And then Nirvana came out, and it wasn't like that. It was all about flannel shirts and boring shit"

"I got tired of him whining about shit." (About Kurt Cobain)

"I had cornrows at the time, and I was wearing a shirt that said HAPPINESS IS A TIGHT PUSSY."

"I never got laid in the emo band"

"People are gonna come out and say we're sexist pigs or whatever. But sex isn't a bad thing; the female body is beautiful."

"There's something I don't like about strippers. I like clean, nice girls - who'll still blow me at the end of the night."


Anonymous mikel said...

was the emo band he was in before "mo-hinder"??

8:21 AM  

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