Monday, June 25, 2007

I Just Want To Be Your Tugboat Captain

Back before there was fire, electricity or Pitchfork, one of the ways I think a majority of us music devotees (devoid of cooler older siblings or friends) got doses of new music was from MTV's 120 minutes. Remember Dave Kendall or Kevin Seal? I used to record the two hours that started Sunday nights at midnight on the family VCR, a Sony BETA machine no less!

One night in 1989 I saw the video for Galaxie 500's "When Will You Come Home" and my musical landscape hasn't been the same since.

Shortly after that I started an all Galaxie 500 cover band named Tugboat and witnessed the craziest bill ever, Galaxie 500 opening up for They Might Be Giants.

Don't have a reunion


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a bummer, i thought the tugboat link was going to be to your band. let-down.

how 'bout that timmy lincecum???

Dream Boat.

4:42 PM  

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