Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Zach Braff to Star in Elliott Smith Biopic

Just imagining this messes me up.

Thank goodness it's only a world wide web hoax ( OR IS IT! )

Read the article from Film Junk
Zach Braff Is Probably Not Going to Star in Elliott Smith Biopic

Here's a short list of who I'd rather see portray Elliott Smith before Zack Braff:

Antonio Banderes
Larry David
Wilmer Valderrama
Helen Mirren
Shaquille O'Neal

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dr. Cat

A great, great video for Dr. Dog's "My Old Ways" made by Isobel Knowles of Architecture in Helsinki fame.

Toe Ho

Extra the cat was born with 26 toes

"Extra's a good climber and runs really fast."


Monday, February 26, 2007

New New Buffalo

Although it came out in 2004, one of the Top Ten records we heard last year was New Buffalo's The Last Beautiful Day.

New Buffalo have a new single "Cheer Me Up Thank You" from the upcoming album Somewhere, Anywhere out in March in Australia

You can listen to it at her MYSPACE page or her

From The Last Beautiful Day "Recovery":

Previous Post on New Buffalo

Talking Cat. Talking Fraud?

Friends claim that this is really the kitty making these noises but I'm still on the fence about it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rap Cat Controversy

The fast food chain "Checkers" has come under fire for its new "Rap Cat" campaign.

The promotional campaign encourages customers to cut holes in their hamburger bag then put their cat inside.

Some think the advertising stunt is anything but funny.

In the Checkers commercial, Rap Cat is a puppet. Now, the burger chain that likes to push its dual-drive-through concept is under fire for special burger bags designed to look like Rap Cat's jersey, complete with a 3-step process to modify the bag so you can force your cat to wear it.

Checkers is asking customers to send in their best shots or videos.

The cat's owners may be laughing, but animal control officials aren't.

"It appears to be an exercise, I'm sorry, in ignorance," says Marti Ryan with Hillsborough Animal Control. He says people who try to follow through with the Checkers promotion could hurt themselves or their cat.

"So if you try to put them in a paper bag and make them dance and take pictures, they're going to exhibit a typical fight or flight response. And if they fight, you're going to get hurt," he says.

A Checkers spokesperson says the Rap Cat bag promo is not intended to hurt animals. Checkers does have a disclaimer on their hamburger bags.

It reads, "Not all cats will be down with wearing this bag. Do not harm or endanger any cat."

Hillsborough Animal Services officials are considering asking a judge to force Checkers to bag the promotion by issuing a temporary injunction.


Rap Cat Website (Featuring the Meow Meow Rap Song)

I'm On Arcade Fire

I've been really enjoying the new Arcade Fire record Neon Bible for the last couple of weeks. If you hated that last record Funeral there's no doubt that you'll probably hate this record.

This record's "The Boss"...Win Butler voice get's Bruce Springsteen'ish especially on songs like "Antichrist Television Blues" or " Neon Bible "

Bruce Springsteen

Download: I'm on Fire
Listen: I'm on Fire

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


You just can't get enough of Amy Winehouse, her song "Me and Mr Jones (Fuckery)" is classic:

"Nobody stands in between me and my man, it's me and Mr Jones. What kind of fuckery is this? You made me miss the Slick Rick gig"

Download: Me And Mr Jones (Fuckery)
Listen: Me And Mr Jones (Fuckery)

Listening to Amy Winehouse all weekend made us long to hear our Brenda Holloway records, Motown's most under the radar star.

Download: I'll Always Love YouListen: I'll Always Love You

Download: Every Little Bit Hurts
Listen: Every Little Bit Hurts

Download: You Can Cry On My Shoulder
Listen: You Can Cry On My Shoulder

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heavy Metal Cat Drummer

Meow Meow is bummed.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I love this

Amy Winehouse - Rehab

When I first heard this I thought Lauren Hill produced by 1960's era Smokey Robinson

Amy Winehouse - Addicted

" Tell your boyfriend next time he around. To buy his own weed and don't wear my shit down...When you smoke all my weed man. You gotta call the green man.So I can get mine.And you get yours"

From Wikipedia:

Amy Winehouse's favourite cocktail is a Rickstasy (three parts vodka, one part Southern Comfort, one part banana liqueur, and one part Baileys). “By the time you’ve had two of them you’re like, don’t even try and go anywhere. Sit down and stay down, until the birds start singing.”

"Winehouse made multiple appearances in the British tabloids over alleged alcohol-induced behaviour. This included a 'drunken' appearance on The Charlotte Church Show heckling U2 member Bono during an acceptance speech at the Q Awards, and incidents where she allegedly assaulted a fan after a concert and an attendee at her album launch party.

On January 7, 2007 Winehouse ended a gig part way through her first song after vomiting, reportedly as a result of being intoxicated.

At the Elle Style Awards on February 14, 2007 Winehouse was spotted with a number of older and more recent cuts and scars on her arm, which her spokesman attributed to recently tumbling and falling over on the streets of New York.

Big Time Hercules

"Hercules, the fat cat who became famous after getting stuck in a doggie door while plundering another pet's food, has found his rotund self heading for the big-time.

A video of Hercules stuck in the door became a Web sensation. Martha Stewart Living will feature him in an upcoming issue in an article about how to help pets lose weight, which Hercules has done, sort of.
He may become spokescat for a low-cal cat food and a Canadian admirer has made a belated try to buy Hercules' sperm for breeding purposes.

Earnest walks Hercules for exercise every morning. Hercules has dropped about a pound but still weighs 19.6 pounds."



Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Mother Cat Adopts Pup Rejected by Mother

" Workers at the Meriden Humane Society are marveling at a short-haired mother cat who has willingly adopted a six-day-old Rottweiler puppy that was rejected by its mother.

Charlie's mother was found by the side of the road in Meriden a couple of months ago. She gave birth to two puppies, but one was stillborn. As sometimes happens with a stillborn in the litter, the mother dog refused to accept Charlie.

Research indicated that a suitable substitute could be Satin, who had given birth to four kittens that have quickly warmed to Charlie.

"The kittens scrum up with him and the kittens treat him like one of their own," Chorney said. "There's a certain social benefit of small animals being with each other."

The cozy arrangement between Charlie, Satin and the kittens will likely changes as the pup grows. Full-grown male Rottweilers commonly weigh 100 pounds. "

READ the full article from Associated Press


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This Year's New Hot Accessory

Photo from New York's Fashion Week

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Piano Playing Cat

Nora even has her own MERCHANDISE