Monday, June 16, 2008

Martin Keamy, Cat Lover and Former Marine

Martin Keamy from the hit television show LOST


"After his retirement from the dog show circuit Keamy turned coach to win an award for his prized pure breed kitty. He holds his ribbon with pride. This is the first win for the Keamy-Kitty duo and many more victories are anticipated."

"Martin Keamy becomes part of a once popular Internet trend. "

Friday, June 13, 2008

das friends

"The feline, which struck up the unlikely friendship with the 40-year-old Asian bear eight years ago, now can't bear to be apart from her friend. In fact, the pair are so close that zookeepers at Berlin Zoo had to reunite them after Muschi, or 'pussy' in German, pined for Maeuschen - 'little mouse' - after they were separated. "

Daily Mail - The cat and bear best friends who simply can't bear are to be apart