Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stock Rock

I saw this band Blind Terry play in Stockholm while on vacation, the lead singer was jamming a real piano, those things are really heavy.

Blind Terry - Long Ride in the Metro
Blind Terry - Burn School Burn

Kitten Thoughts

From the The Onion on August 16th

Kitten Thinks Of Nothing But Murder All Day

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The staff here will be away from the country for two weeks enjoying Gothenburg, The Emmaboda Festival and much more of Sweden.

We leave you with two Gothenburg favorites

Girlfrendo - A Young Man Ate My Wife
Jens Lekman - Do you remember the riots? (in Gothenburg)

Hey Gatto...Gatto Italiano

If you really, really like Italy as much as you do cats, here is your dream come true.

Friends of Roman Cats

October 5th-17th 2006

"The tour will combine some of the best Italian culture sites with some of its most interesting cat colonies."

Torre Argentina - Roman Cat Sanctuary

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Avalanche

This is what the new Soofjam Stevands record sounds like to me

...maybe not this good

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hey Nineteen

I've been streaming Will Stratton's debut What The Night Said all afternoon, a little Jansch'ish a little Drake'ish.

What's remarkable is that the kid is only 19, when I was 19 I was failing my one class at college and vacuuming the carpet over and over cause I was on drugs.

Will Stratton - Katydid

His website where you can stream the record

Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen
Aden - Gulf Coast League (From the album Hey Nineteen)

Dead Garfield

Garfield is Dead site

The six Garfield strips

From Wikipedia

One storyline, which lasted a week from October 23, 1989 is unique among Garfield strips in that it is not meant to be humorous. It depicts Garfield awakening in a future in which the house is abandoned and he no longer exists. This is revealed to have been a dream of some kind, and ends with this narration:

"An imagination is a powerful tool. It can tint memories of the past, shade perceptions of the present, or paint a future so vivid that it can entice...or terrify, all depending on how we conduct ourselves today."

Alternatively, some theorize that the end of this storyline actually implies that the rest of the series, the more conventional strips, are all fantasies Garfield is playing out in his head to delude himself from realizing the dark turn his life has taken, as he slowly starves to death in an abandoned house. One would assume that his ability to eat more than physically possible in usual strips would be his use of fantasies to stave off his growing hunger and starvation. This theory is arguably supported by the text, as right before Jon and Odie reappear, the narration reads:

"After years of taking life for granted, Garfield is shaken by a horrifying vision of the inevitable process called ‘time.’ He has only one weapon...denial..."

Friday, August 04, 2006

Lego Rock

Sleater Kinney

REM (Lego Michael Stipe rules)

The Decemberists


My new favorite blog The Brothers Brick

The Record Store Cats

We got this a few times today in our inbox. Here they are.

My favorite Wonder-loving Marvin

No time for losers

Sports Illustrated lists the 10 Greatest Sports Songs, number one of course was Queen's "We Are the Champions". Surprisingly not on the list, Blur's Whoo-Hoo song and The Baja Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out"

The best is some reader left a comment with a shout out to Belle and Sebastian's "Piazza, New York Catcher" and included the priceless lyric " Is he straight or is he gay?"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lemon Aid For Ellie The Cat

Brian Horning, 9, said his cat Ellie needs surgery for a tumor on her back. So he and his friend Jonathan DeLapa, 12, came up with an idea to raise money for the medical costs.

A table set up with an umbrella and sign in front of 4401 Conestoga Trail attracted a lot of visitors. The sweltering temperature and detour on nearby Ridgewood Road didn't hurt, either.
Brian, Jonathan and two friends have pulled in $150 so far, selling lemonade for 50 cents and pop and water for a buck.

Another volunteer seller, Matt Triola, 11, admitted: ``It's a boiling hot day. But, why not. I like the cat.

''While Ellie's caretakers rallied support for her, she basked inside where it was air conditioned.

Once healthy, she's expected to be back to her normal routine of lurking about the neighborhood.

Read Article


I'm curious about this Bjorkestra who are playing my town on Friday.

An eighteen-piece big band interpretation of the music of Bjork.

I'm listening to their version of "Army of Me" and it reminds of Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra for a few moments but other parts within the song turn me off.

Anyways it's an interesting concept and how can you pass up starting a band with that name.

Bjorkestra - Army of Me

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

They Want Some Crusha

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All She Ask's The Strength To Hold Me

The Actor Sam Riley as Ian Curtis from the upcoming biopic Control by Anton Corbijn
Joy Division - Ceremony
Warsaw - Transmission

Oh You've Got Green Eyes, Oh You've Got Blue Eyes, Oh You've Got Grey Eyes

Years ago I was in London in a club called The Garage, very tired with a cold after an exhausting two week tour of the country. I told my English friend that the only thing that would make me feel better is the New Order song "Temptation" and 15 minutes later it happened. I still don't know to this day if she asked the DJ to play it but I like to think that she did.

So here's a video that came out on last years New Order DVD Item, it's basically 8 minutes of Victoria Bergsman dancing and doing cartwheels

New Order's video producer Michael Shamberg talks about it:

"I was in Paris working on another project, a personal film. One night a friend invited me to see the Swedish band The Concretes. They were wonderful. I met them afterwards and we went nearby for a drink. I told the singer, Victoria Bergsman, what I was up to in terms of developing a video for New Order. She told me of an idea she had for a video of a woman who goes shopping for a record (vinyl), takes it home, and dances to it."